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Stepan – New, Everyday Essentials for a Healthier Tomorrow

Stepan Company is a global leader in providing sulfate-free ingredients for the personal care market.

What is “Sulfate-Free”?

“Sulfate-Free” is a term that usually refers to anionic detergents that are not sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

Stepan defines sulfate-free as containing no alcohol sulfate or alcohol ether sulfate, per INCI nomenclature.

Why are sulfate-free surfactants better for consumers?

Sulfate-free surfactants are generally milder to the hair and skin than SLS or SLES, which means that fresh hair colour can last longer and skin may feel softer.

Are there any downsides?

Sulfate-free surfactants are known for being mild, but unfortunately they may not perform as well as their sulfate counterparts.  Typically, sulfate-free surfactants do not foam as much as sulfate surfactants and may leave build up in hair.  Formulators may find that they have trouble thickening products containing sulfate-free surfactants.

Stepan offers several specialty surfactants that provide improved foaming and powerful thickening tro build viscosity with sulfate-free ingrediants, even glucosides!

Naturally Derived,
Mild Baby Wash

Formulation No. 1164

This high-foaming baby wash incorporates naturally derived ingredients that do not contain ethylene oxide (EO). This formulation can be used as a shampoo or as a body wash.

Spending more time at home shouldn’t put a damper on our beauty routines. Stepan’s indulgent collection encourages self-care and pampering from the comfort of home.

This naturally derived, sulfate-free, amide-free, mild, EO/PO-free formulation demonstrates excess foam volume and perceived color fade resistance. It exhibits equivalent conditioning properties when compared to an anti-fade, market leading shampoo in salon testing using multiple coloring systems.

In New Zealand, the Stepan range is represented by Alchemy Agencies

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