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Why Alchemy?

Our main focus is to build long-lasting relationships, as this gives us the chance to gain a better understanding of your business and help you achieve your goals.
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Alchemy established by Kerry Suckling, Brian Kent, John Farry & Marcelle van der Vlugt, with ownership split equally


International Foods Agencies (IFA) merges with Alchemy


Alchemy Australia opens office in Sydney


Alchemy’s NZ operations are merged and renamed as Alchemy Agencies Ltd


Alchemy Australia acquires Pacific Resins Coatings Division


Alchemy NZ secure distribution for Covestro, Lanxess & Tanatex (formerly distributed by Bayer NZ)

Our customers are part of our family

With a cohesive global and local network of trusted partners we are able to supply our customers individual needs, whether that be large volume orders, or small supply niche orders - as well as everything in-between. At Alchemy we believe in having fun and enjoying our business and a big part of that comes from being involved in new and exciting projects from our customers. With the help of our supply partners, we love to get stuck in and help you create the extraordinary.

Ultimately, we are committed to providing excellent customer service, through every step of our supply chain.

Just a little different

Our key point of difference is our ownership structure – Alchemy has always been owned by shareholders that are actively involved in the business, and our constitution ensures this will continue. In 50 years’ time our customers and suppliers will still be interacting directly with the owners of Alchemy.

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Build Long-Lasting Relationships

We aim to partner with the best in the business on all fronts, for supply partners, customers and service providers alike. As well as giving us a better understanding of business needs, it helps us to run a smooth operation.

Products that we can be proud of

Working with the best products and partners around the world, we can provide specialty chemicals and food ingredients that we can be proud of.

Bring the latest innovations to local customers

By offering the latest industry innovations and trends, we can support local customers to make extraordinary exciting new products improving the end user experience in our local markets.

Having fun in business

At Alchemy we love what we do, and this shows in the passion and enthusiasm we bring to the table day after day.

Warehousing & Distribution

  • Alchemy partner with multiple approved 3PL warehouses in a variety of locations across Australia & New Zealand
  • We offer frozen, chilled and ambient storage of food products
  • We offer hazardous & non-hazardous storage of chemical products
  • Communication is critical. We strive to provide outstanding customer service and professionalism

Supply Chain Management

  • Alchemy customises our solutions to meet your specific requirements
  • We organise sea and air transport of goods from all parts of the globe and can handle everything from a few grams to bulk shipments
  • Alchemy work closely with Mondiale, our freight forwarding partner, to ensure prompt shipment rapid customs clearance and local delivery of our products

Our impact on your business & the environment

Here at Alchemy we like to think we can make positive impacts in our local markets of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We aim to be a long-term partner in local manufacturing, whether it be creating new extraordinary products or helping to find solutions to problems new and old. Although we are locally owned both in New Zealand and Australia, we can call on a plethora of knowledge and expertise from our vast global network of partners and suppliers as well as from our experienced team.

With our main focus on building long-lasting relationships, this gives us the chance to gain a better understanding of your business and help you achieve your goals.

Alchemy Agencies is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and protecting the environment by providing the information, training and supervision needed to achieve this. We work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that all environmental responsibilities are addressed.

 And now for something completely different

And now for something

completely different

Here at Alchemy Agencies, we love any excuse to have a bit of fun, so every season we host our own NRL Tipping Competition.  It’s free to enter and we offer prizes for the overall top 3 places, as well as weekly prizes – just so that we all have something to aim for if the season doesn’t pan out with our predictions!  To join, you just need to be employed by a company conducting business with Alchemy to be eligible.

We hope you have an enjoyable season.

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