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STEPANQUAT® Soleil by Stepan

Dry or damaged hair giving you a bad hair day?

Many conditioners on the market contain conditioning agents with synthetic polymers and silicones which can contribute to atmospheric pollution and climate change as they are not biodegradable.

Consumers today not only look out for products that meet their needs but also expect brands to include end to end environmentally sustainable practices.

Want to do good for your hair and the environment?  check this video from Stepan Company.

STEPANQUAT®  Soleil is a biodegradable hair conditioning agent that addresses your concerns, it is naturally derived from sunflower oil, free from silicones and preservatives leaving your hair feeling silky and soft while being safe for the environment using energy and resources more efficiently.

STEPANQUAT®  Soleil for super soft and manageable hair!

In New Zealand, Stepan Company is represented by Alchemy Agencies.

Interested to know more?  Contact Katrina Bunge direct for your brochure, samples and for further information.

Check Stepan’s new Video on STEPANQUAT®  Soleil

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