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PB Leiner – Is the future Collagen?

Most of us have heard of the naturally occurring protein Collagen, and the extensive health benefits it boasts.  It is one of the major building blocks of the anatomy, helping to develop bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Essentially, it is the ‘glue’ that holds all these things together.

Over the past few years, beauty and food products containing Collagen have become increasingly popular, but is it a passing trend?  Not according to industry experts, who say that the protein is set to become a major force in the health ingredients category.

According to research conducted by firm, Frost & Sullivan, in collaboration with PB Leiner, one of the world’s leading collagen and gelatin producers, the market for collagen peptides is already growing at about 8% a year (CAGR, 2020-2024). However, it is believed that sales are still a long way from their peak.

With the vast and untapped potential to expand into new markets, applications, and products, Frost & Sullivan expects momentum to accelerate and growth to reach new heights.

In Australia, the PB Leiner range of ingredients is represented by Alchemy Agencies.

Interested to know more?

To check out PB Leiner’s press release click here.  You can also download the full report here.

For more information about Collagen and other ingredients from PB Leiner, please contact Geraldine Vidal  in Australia and Domnic Lobo in New Zealand.


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