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Covestro – Strengthens Portfolio of Alternative Raw Materials

Our partner Covestro, is ensuring they are doing their part to keep our world the clean, green place we all deserve, by constantly realigning their values and production processes.

Covestro’s product range of partially bio-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) is now marketed under the name Desmopan® E.  Depending on the product hardness, up to 60 percent of the carbon content is derived from biomass, which has reduced their carbon footprint by 20 percent compared to fossil-based TPU’s.

Covestro have a long term goal, to transition their entire production and product range to a circular concept – eliminating waste and the continual use of resources, without compromising the same high quality and performance as previously seen in products from the Desmopan® range.


Fashionable sports shoes can also be produced with the partially
bio-based thermoplastic polyurethane Desmopan® EC. © Covestro


In New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, the full Covestro range is represented by Alchemy Agencies.

In Australia, Alchemy Agencies also work in conjunction with Covestro in various industries, including limited coatings applications and the polyurethane foam sector.

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For more information about the work Covestro is putting in to produce environmentally friendly products, please click here

To speak with one of our local NZ Covestro experts about a product you are developing or producing, click here to contact Richard Calvin


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