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Alchemy partners with Novasys for BASCA container cleaning systems

BASCA container cleaning systems are distributed by Novasys Group across Australasia.  Alchemy Agencies are proud to work with Novasys to service the New Zealand market.

BASCA – Your choice for container and tank cleaning equipment

Basca is an innovative company aiming to make your container and tank cleaning process enviro-friendly and more sustainable. The cleaning equipment for industrial tanks and containers are automatically integrated with effluent treatment systems.

Thanks to these integrated solutions for the paint manufacturing industry: fixed and portable mixing tanks can be cleaned easily, with amazing quality and lower cost; effluents from equipment cleaning process can be treated, recycled and reused on cleaning, again and again; the sludge from the process can be compacted to reduce the volume of waste to be disposed, all to obtain a simpler, cost-efficient and more sustainable manufacturing process.

Closing the loop for a Circular Economy Process

In a circular economy optic, the reuse and further correct disposing of the packaging is fundamental. Basca cleaning machines can be used by paint manufacturing or paint consuming companies for reconditioning of  IBC’s, drums or pails to be reuse or safely disposed.


  • Increase in production – a greater number of tanks that can be washed.
  • Increase in efficiency – less dispersion of resources and controllable processes.
  • Labor cost reduction – the reduction of low added value activities.
  • Increased safety – no more jobs at high risk to health and elimination of the transport of hazardous substances.
  • Greater flexibility – the ability to wash different types of containers.

Would you like to explore the benefits having a Basca container and tank cleaning equipment can offer you?  We can help by presenting you with a Value Report tailored to your circumstances and needs, which will highlight savings and time for return on investment helping you to make the best decision for your business.

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