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Looking for superior quality fish collagen peptides?

Alchemy Agencies has a new addition to our portfolio, thanks to our long-term supply partner PB Leiner.

We proudly introduce PB Leiner’s newest line, SOLUGEL® premium fish collagen peptides.


SOLUGEL® premium fish collagen peptides are derived from single-sourced, premium fish raw material, locally farmed on beautiful Hainan island.

The new product range includes three products, fitting a wide range of consumer applications.

SOLUGEL® Optima FD and FP are destined for oral consumption, boasting near water organoleptic properties, combined with outstanding solubility and wettability.

SOLUGEL® Supra FP, has a very low molecular weight, which makes it ideal for supplements such as shots, beverages, and cosmetic applications.


Interested to know more?

In Australia contact: Dr. Cheryl Taylor or Geraldine Vidal. In New Zealand contact Domnic Lobo

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