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Cobiosa – The Natural Secret to Healthy Skin Pores

PORE-REDUCTYL NT from Cobiosa is a 100% natural botanical derived from Fomes officinalis, a mushroom, native to the old growth conifer forests, of North America and Europe.

Also called Agarikon, given its content of agaric acid, the most important medicinal mushroom of ancient Europe, with ancestral astringent, tightening and moisturizing properties.

PORE-REDUCTYL NT is an immediate pore reducer and natural astringent with proved efficacy in-vivo:

Agaric acid is a natural astringent, that overcomes all excessive secretion, smoothing, tightening and moisturizing the skin.

PORE-REDUCTYL NT is a natural alternative to aluminum salts.

Aluminum based active ingredients are normally used at antiperspirants. They reduce sweat by causing sweat glands’ obstruction causing adverse side effects like severe skin irritation, dryness or itching among others.

5% PORE-REDUCTYL NT reduced the skin transpiration after 8H of application and the comparison regarding control showed a significant difference.

In New Zealand, the Cobiosa range of active ingredients is represented by Alchemy Agencies.

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For more information about Pore-Reductyl and other Cobiosa ingredients, click here to contact Katrina Bunge

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