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Covestro – Maezio – Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Today, people are needing lighter and thinner products and industries require materials that push the boundaries of what is possible to make their needs a reality.

Covestro believe Maezio Contiuous Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRTP) Composites are the solution.  They are designed for performance as well as scale.  Unfortunately, many of today’s advanced materials are built for limited runs and large size, making them too expensive to scale.  For expensive race cars or giant wind blades they’re great.  However, for millions of devices and cars, you will need a new solution – Maezio.

Maezio composite solutions from Covestro allow you to tune the world, customising the material to your specific needs.  It combines strong fibres with the power and flexibility of thermoplastics.

The results are composite uni-directional (UD) tapes that are nearly 120 micron thin and can be laminated together at different angles to form sheets tuned to a specific performance.  The resulting sheets are strong, stiff, lightweight and have an amazing surface finish.

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